AMR Vet Collective

Mission Statement

Our mandate is simple.

We translate the science around AMR and stewardship into meaningful and practical information that veterinarians can call upon to make informed, evidence-based decisions in their daily practice.

We want every clinician to feel confident in understanding stewardship principles so that they can diagnose, prescribe, and manage infectious patients with confidence.


The AMR Vet Collective is a project driven by founding members Jacqui Norris, Jane Heller, and Kellie Thomas.

The idea for this collective was borne from conversations with veterinarians. We want those conversations to continue. We invite contributions from any and all people working or researching within veterinary science.

Had a patient with a resistant infection? Get in touch and tell us about it.

Introduced an antimicrobial prescribing policy or stewardship program in your clinic? We’d love to hear about your experience.

Are you a researcher working on anything AMR or AMS related? We can help you connect your research outcomes with clinical practitioners, get in touch and tell us about your research.


This resource is for you. We want you to be a part of what we do. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or cases. | Facebook | Linkedin | Youtube


This work was supported by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. We are grateful for their commitment and ongoing support.

Founding members are employed within the veterinary schools of the University of Sydney and Charles Sturt University.

We are grateful to the wonderful people at Epi-interactive who helped translate our creative imaginings into functional digital resources. We'd also like to recognise the talented creatives whose work populates our site and social media pages. We cannot thank you enough.

To those who have already contributed to the developement of resources that we have shared on our site so far, our heartfelt thanks.

We have endeavoured to ensure that all individuals and organisations have been appropriately recognised at the respective site of their contributions, please let us know if you notice any errors or oversights.

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