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Online Vet AMS Course

A comprehensive Australian and New Zealand online course in veterinary antimicrobial stewardship, created for people like you!

Learn and earn - 17 CPD points available.
We've reinvented and extended the Vet AMS online course.
Now featuring more videos, more clinical content, and shorter and sharper modules.
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Complete the entire course to earn your Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Certificate.

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  1. AMR update: Where are we now?
    Get up to speed with the latest information on both a global and a local scale.
    (Vets, students, nurses, practice managers)
  2. Core concepts in AMR 
    A clear and concise summary of what you really need to know about antibiotics and bacteria to support informed prescribing.
    (Vets, students, nurses)
  3. Antibiotic classes
    Learning activities to make clear the differences between antibiotic classes. Chose the right drug and understand why it’s the right choice!
    (Vets, students)
  4. Resistance mechanisms
    How microbes develop and share resistance mechanisms – the simplified version. Get it clear in your head so that you can explain it to clients.
    (Vets, students, nurses)
  5. Diagnosing bacterial infections
    Refresh your sampling technique to make sure you get the best evidence, plus become the clinic champion at interpreting lab reports.
    (Vets, students, nurses)
  6. Antibiotic prescribing and the microbiome
    A look at clinical reasoning and rational decision making as they apply to our antibiotic prescribing, plus we review some of the collateral consequences of antibiotics on our patients’ microbiomes.
    (Vets, students, nurses, practice managers)
  7. Using prescribing guidelines
    Did you know human patients do better with Guideline-based prescribing? A look at how Prescribing Guidelines are made and what they do. Plus a quick review of the some of the laws and regulations around veterinary prescribing.
    (Vets, students)
  8. Infection prevention and control
    Did you know our patients are most at risk of getting a resistant infection in our practices? Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) principles and why your practice needs an IPC or biosecurity policy.
    (Vets, students, nurses, practice managers)
  9. Implementing an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: Putting theory into practice
    A step by step look at what’s involved with implementing an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in your practice – it’s easier than you think!
    (Vets, students, nurses, practice managers)

Diagnostic skills refresher

Quick and simple in-house diagnostics are super helpful to guide immediate decisions around use and selection of antimicrobials.

Here are some refreshers to help optimise your decision making.

Urine wet prep

Jacqui Norris shows you everything you need to know to get quick answers with lower urinary cases. Video credit: Versatile Vets

Download in-house urine wet prep protocol here.

Sticky tape sample

Linda Vogelnest walks you through this quick, non-invasive, and highly effective technique for skin cases. Video Credit: Versatile Vets

Download sticky tape sampling protocol here.

Get the most from your in-house cytology

Pat Shearer shows you the insider tricks to get more from your microscope and in-house stains. Video credit: Pints & Pathology

Download microscope and stain daily maintenance protocol here.

Gram stain protocol

Have you thought about in-house gram staining? It’s easier than you think, as Jacqui Norris explains. Video credit: Versatile Vets

Download in-house gram stain protocol here.

Diff Quik® protocol

Get some quality control in your practice by making sure your stains are managed right and that your team is using consistent protocols. Video credit: Pints & Pathology

Download in-house Diff Quik® protocol here.

Blood smears & cell counts

We guarantee you’ll pick up some helpful tips on blood smears, cell counts, and normal blood cell morphology from Sydney Uni Lab Tech Christine Black. Video credit: Versatile Vets

Download in-house blood smear protocol here.

Open-access evidence

Accessing and interpreting evidence around AMR can feel overwhelming.

Here are some open-access papers that are useful starting points and provide a great overview of some areas of importance.


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