Prescribing Support


Decisions around antimicrobial prescribing are often difficult.
Guidelines provide a useful framework to support your clinical judgement and expertise.

How do Guidelines work?

Guidelines are a decision support tool based on probability. They match the most likely pathogens with the most appropriate and effective therapy and are designed to make your job easier.

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Here are the 5 steps of guideline-based prescribing:

Patient factors

Clinical signs?
Body system?

Which Bug?

Clinical signs + site =
Likely pathogens?

Are antibiotics indicated?

If yes...
Which Drug?

Reaches the site
Eliminates the pathogen?

Best choice?

To effectively treat the infection & preserve last-line medicines?

Did you know...

Evidence from human medicine shows better patient outcomes in association with guideline-based prescribing.

Decision trees

Decision trees are visual quick reference guides designed to act as memory prompts and decision support tools for commonly encountered presentations.

They are a great tool to hang on your walls at work or to have handy on your phone or tablet.

The decision trees are free to download and based on the latest available evidence. There will be more to come, so let us know what clinical presentations you'd like to see covered.


Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex - Download tree
Urinary Tract Infections in dogs and cats - Download tree

More decision trees coming soon.


Talking to clients about AMR

Antimicrobial resistance is a One Health issue and we can't solve it on our own. This is why educating our clients about AMR is important.

We've developed some resources with clear, simple, and consistent messages for you to share with your clients.

All inforgraphics are free to download. Share them on your social media or print and display in your waiting room.

Companion animal rural

Client information poster

Companion animal urban

Client information poster


Client information poster

Farm animal

Client information poster

Download New Zealand specific companion animal resources here

Download New Zealand specific farm animal resources here