Welcome to the AMR Vet Collective




This is Jane Heller, Jacqui Norris, and Kellie Thomas, the team behind the AMR Vet Collective. We are officially launching and wanted to let you know what it's all about. The AMR Vet Collective (www.amrvetcollective.com) is a new initiative designed to help Australian and New Zealand veterinarians to understand antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and stewardship (AMS).

Why did we form the AMR Vet Collective?

We spoke to veterinarians about antimicrobial resistance and stewardship and we heard loud and clear that this is a topic that can be both overwhelming, and well, a little boring.

We’re making it our job to help change this.

What do we do?

We translate the science around AMR and stewardship into practical information that veterinarians can call upon to make informed, evidence-based decisions in daily practice.

We want every clinician to feel confident in applying stewardship principles to diagnose, prescribe, and manage patients with confidence.


Why should you check us out?

On our website you’ll find lots of practical resources and concise information to help with your antimicrobial prescribing decisions .

We’ve got ALL of the currently available antimicrobial prescribing guidelines in one handy location, client information posters for sharing on social media, in-house lab protocol videos, decision trees, and more.

 In the coming months we’ll also be launching a new and improved Online Vet AMS Course, with modules for vets, vet students, vet nurses and technicians, and practice managers. We’ll let you know more about the course closer to the release date.

This project has been funded by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Founding members are employed wihin the veterinary schools of Charles Sturt University and the The University of Sydney. Web design and development by Epi-Interactive.

Check out our opening animation, including James Herriot's reflections on his first use of antibiotics.